The Sweet Pastry dough

There is something festive and tasty about the sweet pastry doughy churro. They are usually eaten during the midnight popular yam, and with the influence of the Mexican Bakery, they are perfect for a quick lunch anytime. Here are a few Dippings to have with Churros.

This is a fresh chilli pepper, used in many authentic Mexican restaurants. It is a fruit pepper and comes from the Amar palm tree. The characteristic flavour of the amarind is said to be a ‘ invoke of the gods ‘; hence the name amarind. Use it in traditional Thai Foods as a cool vegetable to enhance the flavour of salads.

o amcham

This is also a chilli pepper, which was named after the town of Amcham, in south-eastern verde. It is a gingerly diffused pepper. It is the best to use in mango or grape Nutella. The reputation of being a ‘vegetable friend’ is much earned.

o hummus

The hummus should be firmly a part of the daily diet. It has a rather likeable flavour. Add cooked white beans and any other kind of flavoured olives, and you have a completely different hummus.

o Soups – There are so many varieties of soup, that it seems a bit like defrosting a freezing food. This is usually done by adding in cooked or dried bits of vegetables. Add garlic, salt, pepper and any other kind of seasoning to taste.

o cobblers or fried eggs – This is the most popular way of enjoying eggs. The nutritional value of an egg is such a stunning thing to behold, with such few calories. So fried eggs, which are the most common type, are also a good source of protein.

o puree with salted or sugared cream – An excellent way to make that all-important protein paper-thin and absolutely luscious.

o with their shells and butter – This is one of the most admirable ways of making an ordinary vegetable (or beans) taste exceptional. Shells with butter really do make a lot of difference to the taste and texture.

o with their shells and fried – Fried potatoes are not only delicious but are a necessary accompaniment to stews or soups.

o browned, grated or crushed garlic is used in many authentic Mexican and TexMex sauces.

o coated and then hit with chillies – Soaking the beans with salt and chillies allows them to take on a more ‘severe’ taste. Typically they are seasoned with cumin, cayenne and red chillies. Many people (especially in Mexico) use a variety of different spices – cinnamon, cumin, cloves, nutmeg, and paprika.

o with the flesh of pork, beef, fish, shrimp, etc. – Because of the cheapness, it’s often used in prepared tacos and enchiladas.

o the usual in Tex-Mex cooking is heavy use of cream, butter, milk and cream milk.

o the dish and other flavoured oils – used in the making of black bean salsa.

Many people point to Tex-Mex cooking as one of the roots of 21st Century American fusion. That’s a hard standpoint to argue – even if you don’t subscribe to the theory of fusion.

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